All in this Together? Covid-19 and the Roof over Our Heads


CORK, IRELAND 05/05/2020


RUN TIME: 10:16

“There is a real collective resonance to the fact, drilled home in public informational campaigns, that the health of the collective depends on the health – and actions – of individuals. High levels of public support for and compliance with lockdown conditions and the spread of various formal and informal mutual aid efforts to help those worst affected by the lockdown and its consequences has shown that not only is this broadly recognised and accepted, an instinctive solidarity and desire to help others comes naturally to many.”


RUN TIME: 21:36

“The reality is that directives to shelter in place are experienced in highly differentiated ways- for some, it’s a manageable inconvenience but for others, it’s a major challenge or even an impossibility. We know that the ability to shelter in place and socially distance effectively is closely intertwined with other forms of structural inequalities, particularly income, labour and health inequalities…”


RUN TIME: 19:06

“[In] Ireland, that return to ‘normality’, or the fantasy of it, will in all likelihood be delivered to us by the two main parties of Irish capital, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. Let us not forget that it’s just two months since widespread dissatisfaction and public anger around policy failures around housing and homelessness was broadly seen as a key factor behind a historic election result that saw the emergence of a three-party system in Ireland…”

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