Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics
Cork University Business School

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DECLAN JORDAN is a Senior Lecturer in Economics and Director of the Spatial and Regional Economics Research Centre. Declan’s research interests include regional and urban economics, innovation and competitiveness, and innovation and enterprise policy. He has published widely in these areas in international peer reviewed journals. He is also interested in the economics of climate change and migration. Prior to joining UCC, Declan gained substantial management and corporate experience. Declan has a PhD (Economics) from University College Cork.


I was very interested in the project because I am currently thinking and reading about how economics and the economic way of thinking can be integrated with issues of social justice. There has been a crisis in the teaching and practice of economics since the global financial crisis, and it is becoming clearer that how we teach and use economics needs to be reconsidered to help us address the critical social problems, including climate justice, inequality, poverty, and migration. I hope to explore these ideas with my students so that together we can discuss alternative economic approaches to problems that they care deeply about. Traditionally, economics teaching has implied that markets are neutral and economic models are value-free. This is not the case and in the course of this project I hope to increase awareness of this and to consider the ethical considerations implicit in economic decision-making and policy.

  • To encourage students to engage with social justice issues and explore ways that economics can be used to enhance social justice
  • To critically assess the effectiveness of my teaching for learning
  • To improve my knowledge of social justice to enhance my professional development


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