The DISCs Project

The DISCs Project Self-Assessment Tool is intended to help users gauge their own levels of competence and comfort in the themes of gender-consciousness, interculturalism, and community both in their individual pedagogical practices and wider academic engagements. It should take about 15 minutes to complete the tool, but this may vary depending  on how much time you need to think about the statements posed. Based on your assessment, you will be provided with useful readings and resources to help you further explore these issues.

Please note that this is a limited tool, and, given that everyone’s teaching context is different, a level of personal interpretation of the self-assessment statements is needed. For example, it is worthwhile focusing on just one class that you teach when responding to the statements in sections 3-5, rather than focusing on all of your classes at once. The statements in sections 1-2 will provoke you to reflect on your stance on a limited range of ethical and political issues regarding social justice and higher education. Reflection on these issues is important as part of a life-long process of developing and maintaining a strong social justice orientation in our teaching and wider academic engagements. We appreciate that the self-assessment statements raise complex and sensitive issues. The texts and other resources recommended for use are chosen from the project team’s review of the literature and own experience in engaging these issues and are not exhaustive. As such, we encourage you to view the recommendations at the end of the self-assessment as offering signposts at a certain point in time, and not definitive and final declarations, on your pedagogical practices, worldview and stance on higher education. We encourage you to share and reflect on the tool and feedback with other colleagues.

Finally, because this website does not retain any of your data, you will need to save the feedback you receive at the end of the self-assessment. To do so, you can download a PDF document of the feedback. Please save this PDF on your computer, so that you can return to the self-assessment periodically, and see how your stance and approach to practice changes over time.

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