• TurningPoint to engage students by asking for participation in polls and generating word clouds to facilitate discussion of social justice issues.
  • ThinkPairShare: Discussions between 2-3 students.


  • Reflective Journals (300 words to share insights gained from analysing the core (and optional) readings with rubric for assessment (Advantages – Gets students to reflect on their thoughts about the social justice elements of the course. Difficulty – 115 reflective journals to mark and provide feedback on)
  • GroupWork (Consensus on 5 Questions, Groups of 5, each student forms a 100 word response to one question, groups reviews answers collectively and form consensus) (Advantages – Students will learn from others in the group and learn to find consensus, listen to others viewpoints) (Disadvantages – Students may find group work challenging if all 5 do not engage)
  • Concept Cartoons -used to put forward a range of viewpoints (Advantage -Good for visual learners, use alongside polling for large group, then think-pair-share) (Disadvantage -more difficult in large groups)
  • Use quotes regarding biotech (with discussion in small groups) for reflective activities (Disadvantages: Quotes (or feelings they evoke) may be uncomfortable for some students. Advantages: stimulate thought and discussion)