The DISCs Project
‘Developing Pedagogies’ Workshop

The ‘Developing Pedagogies’ Workshop was the first short session on teacher education from the Disciplines Inquiring into Societal Challenges (or DISCs) project. Delivered by Dr. Karl Kitching and Gyunghee Park, the ‘Developing Pedagogies’ workshop was designed to help project participants consider different ways of thinking about pedagogy in the Higher Education (HE) context, and to begin the process of defining what the purpose of their own individual pedagogies are and should or could be.

Initially, the session was open to all DISCs Project Advocates in participating institutions at University College Cork, Dublin City University, and Maynooth University. We have since made the presentation portion of the workshop available here. As you will see further down, you can go through each portion of the workshop. Just click on the audio icon (pictured to the right) as you scroll through slides to hear the presentation. Alternatively, you can download a PDF of the full transcript by clicking here.

PART I: Ways of Thinking about Pedagogy in Higher Education

PART II: Approaching the Syllabus and Setting Expectations with Students