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School of Purrhavioural Sciences

TEL: 021-021-0211
TWITTER: @cats


Purrfessor Snufflewinks is programme coordinator of Meal Times 101 in the School of Purrhavioural Sciences where he has been teaching and supervising students for the last eleven years. Perhaps most known for his groundbreaking work in One Breakfast is Not Enuffs, Snufflewinks has advocated for the rights of starving cats and kittens everywhere. He has a strong commitment not only to social justice in his classrooms but outside the classroom as well. A staunch advocate of collective organizing, Snufflewinks frequently partakes in industrial strike action multiple times a day – sometimes per hour – along with all other Kittehs for Social Justice around the globe.


  • Get my students to give me more treats
  • Be more sympathetic toward dogs
  • Let staff pet my belly once this year
  • Catch the red dot
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I believe that teaching for social justice means teaching my students to be more aware of how hungry I am at all times. They should be ready to feed me whenever I meow.

Over the years, I’ve had some successes and failures in terms of getting students to understand how important it is to feed me on time but I’ve found it generally difficult to understand why they keep getting it wrong.

Apart from my own individual attempts to change student behaviour, I wish that I had more institutional supports. For instance, it would be really helpful if the university would just leave food for me everywhere I went so as to ensure I am never starving.

I signed up for this project because I wanted to expand my monching skill set, and because I was told that there would be plenty of foods for me to eat.


For this project, I decided to focus on a module I developed called 20th Century Kittyature. In it, we explore the great thinkers behind the foundational texts of our time.

Although not many people know this, we would have no music, literature, or art without cats. All the world’s historical discoveries and critical theories come from us. We were once considered Gods but now we are forced to endure so much disrespect on a daily basis.

From Michel Foucault to Freddy Mercury, the greatest authors of the last 2000 years all plagiarized the works of their kitty overlords.

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Cat genius with Eric Hobsbawm
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Kitterary scholar with Ernest Hemingway
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Purrfessor Foucault with her pet, Michel
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Artistic savant turning away from Frida Kahlo holding monkey

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